About Tea

Please note that although I have used the usual names of the tea grades. Please use the new names we are choosing for each tea.

Flowery Pekoe –Rolled full leaf in the shape of a “ball”

Broken Orange Pekoe   (BOP) – 

Coloury and bright semi broken leaf tea, from the up country hills of Ceylon’s famous tea country. This tea possesses good Ceylon character tempered with reasonable strength. The BOP is usually enjoyed without milk or sugar, although we would recommend a touch of fresh milk if your palate is unused to fresh Ceylon Tea. Add sugar to taste. A good breakfast tea.

Broken Orange Pekoe Fanning (BOPF) –

A fine broken leaf tea. A bright morning tea, with body, strength, colour and pungency representing the essence of fine Ceylon tea. Strong and intense, a full-bodied tea. Hand-picked in the highlands of Sri Lanka.

Its strength and character permit the addition of milk, cream, honey or sugar, but it’s just as good enjoyed straight.

Orange Pekoe (OP) –

A well twisted whole leaf tea retaining the full goodness of the leaf, Fine black tea grown in Sri Lanka expertly blended to deliver a classic, versatile tea with a smooth taste and a mellow aroma. 

Come take a sip from this ancient kingdom and be captivated.

Pekoe -

Bold, twisted leaf appearance and in the cup, although light reasonably coloury, bright and smooth. suitable for drinking without milk although let your taste dictate whether you add milk or not.

The golden orange liquor offers a cleansing and refreshing taste, with hints of fruit and herbs in its finish.

Green Tea PEKOE-

The leaves of this green tea are rolled from the finest young leaves, hence when infused, the tightly rolled leaf uncurls gently, imparting as it does so the strength, flavor and character. A gentle tea evolves with grassy herbal notes and in the cup, a dark yellow infusion typical of a medium strength green tea. 

Silver Tips

Also known as White Tea, is a very rare and entirely handmade Ceylon tea – harvested just a few hundred kilos per year, thus understandably expensive. 

They come with the highest amounts of antioxidants in the youngest buds and all other renown health benefits which need no explanation.

Silver Tips are velvety to the touch and produces a pale liquor tinged with yellow hues – very delicate and subtle in flavour. A rare, sophisticated indulgence!

Each kilogram of Silver Tips is the equivalent of four kilogram of fresh buds. 

Golden Tips

The special white tea (GOLDEN TIP) is an incredibly rare Ceylon tea, available in extremely limited quantity in supply. No less in it’s health benefits as a white tea, Pure ceylon golden tips gives a sweet, fragrant, flowery taste not equal to any other ceylon teas. The golden velvety buds are luxurious by itself, and is probably an incomparable white tea to no other.

Each kilogram of Golden Tips is the equivalent of four kilogram of fresh buds. 

Rooibos Teas –

Or Red Tea, is made from a South African red bush. Rooibos Tea is a healthy source of vitamins and minerals and contains antioxidants. It is caffeine free and delicious served hot or iced. Rooibos tea helps promote digestion, supports your immune system and contributes to healthy skin, teeth and bones.

Blooming Teas –

Also called artisan or flowering teas, they actually ‘bloom’ as they steep. They are hand tied by tea artists and include special natural flavor along with the beautiful designs. Romantic teas that make a great gift for your significance to other.

This afternoon refreshment provides a subtle and delicate intensely full-bodied flavor that is simply addictive to any tea drinker. 

Extra Special –

The most delicious Ceylon tea black tea one can have the fortune to sip, with or without sugar. This black tea is a blessing in a cup and a tea lover’s muse. It is characterized by a flavorful chocolaty taste and the tea comes with abundant Silvery tips from a secret methods of segmenting the upper buds of the black tea after they are made, it is a must-have black tea.

Supreme - 

The most delicious Ceylon tea black tea one can have the fortune to sip, with or without sugar. Stronger and finer wiry whole leaf with abundant gold tips that infuse to a warm russet cup colour with a rich honey fragrance. 

Oolong – 

This scarcely produced semi fermented tea is an intermediate between green and black teas, offering pale greenish yellow brew and a distinct character of black tea and green teas. The well twisted leaf produces a delicate and gentle tea, more earthy than typical green teas, yet more fragrant and lighter than most black teas.